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Medline Aloetouch Ice PF Nitrile Exam Gloves

Medline Aloetouch Ice PF Nitrile Exam Gloves
The Aloetouch Ice offers the protection of nitrile and a latex-like feel all in one exam glove. This glove provides great sensitivity as well as dependable protection. With the Aloetouch Ice you will experience the comfort of latex in a nitrile glove. All Aloetouch gloves are coated on the inside with pure freeze dried organic aloe. When you don the glove, the heat from your hands activates the aloe. Once the aloe has been activated (about 30 seconds), it hydrates your skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth! No messy lotions involved..it gloves work while you work! No longer do clinicians have to endure dry, chapped skin associated with frequest glove donning and hand washing. See the results for yourself!
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