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Brief Relief Disposa-John (10-Pack) Solid Waste Bags

Brief Relief Disposa-John (10-Pack) Solid Waste Bags
Brief Relief Disposa-John™ Kits contain everything needed to safely dispose of solid human waste. Our patented "bag in bag" design and final zipper closure securely contains the waste and the odor, while our special blend of polymers and enzymes instantly begins to break down the waste and convert it into a deodorized gel.

Disposa-John™ Key Product Features:

* Comes complete with sanitary towelette and toilet paper
* 3 ply gas impervious design
* Virtually odor free
* Easy to use
* Trash container safe, meets State, Federal E.P.A. and Provincial disposal requirement
* Unique bag-in-bag design provides users with safety and convenience.
* Suitable for disposal of feminine hygiene products

The Disposa-John pouch is really two bags in one. The gray liner is designed to be pulled up, over the seat for extra sanitation, while the foil bag contains the polymers and enzymes to instantly gel and break down the waste.
SKU EDBR500-10
Weight 1.40 lbs
Our price: $35.50
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