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Band-Aid® ELASTIKON® Elastic Adhesive Tape

Band-Aid® ELASTIKON® Elastic Adhesive Tape
Johnson & Johnson Elastikon® elastic tape, made of high twist, cotton elastic cloth tape with a rubber based adhesive, provides elasticity needed for dynamical pressure dressing. Soft cloth, porous construction, red line centered on backcloth, low-unwind tension and dry feathered edge. It is best used where pressure dressings requiring elasticity are needed as after a mastectomy, Or can be used for support strapping, fractures, muscle injuries, knees, elbows, and shoulder.

  • For shoulders, knees or where maximum strength is necessary
  • Flexible for pressure dressings
  • Porous backing minimizes skin irritation
  • Easy to apply
  • Elastikon elastic medical tape measures 2.5 yards un-stretched, 5 yards stretched.

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