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Aloetouch Ultra IC Stretch PF Vinyl Gloves - Case

Aloetouch Ultra IC Stretch PF Vinyl Gloves - Case
The Aloetouch Ultra IC is part of Medline's 2nd generation vinyl examination glove using their latest technology. Donning the Ultra IC exam glove activates the natural aloe vera by the heat of the hand within 30 seconds. In the name, the "IC" stand for Inner Coating. In addition to the aloe vera, the Aloetouch Ultra IC glove has an inner coating polymer that makes donning the exam gloves easier even when wet.

The idea came from the Biogel surgical gloves that have an inner coating polmer that allow gloves to easily slide on. Generally when the hands are moist wearing exam gloves are quite difficult regardless of what type of material it is made from. The inner-coating polymer actually makes it easier.

Case Quantity: 10 boxes per case / 100 gloves per box

- Material: Vinyl
- Powder-free
- Color/Texture: Green/Smooth
- Glove Length: 240mm
- Palm Thickness: 0.12mm (5.5 mil)
- Finger Thickness: 0.14mm (6.7 mil.)
- Tensile Strength Before Aging: 13 MPa
- Elongation Before Aging: 500%
- Viral Penetration Test: PASSED
- AQL: 2.5
Weight 16.00 lbs
Our price: $51.80
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